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The primary references to be cited by users of GeMS are:

Another useful reference to cite, in an astrometry-science case, is:

Other useful documents

Publications on GeMS

SPIE 2008

AO4ELT 2009

SPIE 2010


SPIE 2012

AO4ELT 2013

  • Review of Gemini South Laser Guide Star Facility performance and upgrades, V.Fesquet et al. [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • GeMS first science results, b.Neichel et al.[SAO/NASA ADS]
  • Two Pathfinder Tests of High Precision Astrometry On-Sky, M. Ammons et al. [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • Estimating the reduction of vibrations in MACAO and ALTAIR AO systems using H2 control synthesis, A. Guesalaga [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • Analysis of the frozen flow assumption using GeMS telemetry data, A. Cortes. [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • On-sky validation of LIFT on GEMS, C. Plantet [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • A two deformable-mirror concept to improve the laser efficiency of Gemini South MCAO (GeMS), C. Bechet. [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • Analysis of fratricide effect observed with GeMS and its relevance for large aperture astronomical telescopes, A. Otorola. [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • First performance of the GeMS + GMOS system, P.Hibon. [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • GeMS: from the on-sky experimental system to science operation. The AO point of view, F.Vidal. [SAO/NASA ADS]
  • Point spread function reconstruction on the Gemini Canopus bench, L.Gilles. [SAO/NASA ADS]


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