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Fast Turnaround (FT)

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The Fast Turnaround (FT) observing mode allows the user the possibility of converting an idea into data much more quickly than the regular semester process (monthly proposal submission and assessment, with data obtained for accepted proposals 1-4 months after the submission deadline).

FT proposals do NOT need to be urgent to qualify; they just need to be good. Consider using FT rather than the regular semester process for:

  • short, self-contained projects that will result in publications
  • pilot/feasibility studies,
  • following up unusual/unexpected astronomical events,
  • speculative/high risk - high reward observations of fairly short duration,
  • completion of a thesis project, when only a few short observations are needed, and
  • completion of an existing data set to allow publication, when only a few short observations are needed.

However, users may propose for any kind of project that they believe is suited to the program.

The FT program is run by a team of Gemini staff scientists and relies on the existing Phase I and Phase II tools, automated interactions between the proposers and Gemini, and rapid review of proposals by PIs or co-Is of other proposals submitted during the same round.

Approximately 10% of the time at both Gemini North and South is currently available for the program. PIs affiliated with the participating partners (rule #4) may submit FT proposals, but the total FT time per partner may not exceed that partner's 10% limit per semester (rule #4).

The total amount of time awarded each month to FT programs will not exceed 20 hours per telescope.

Submitted proposals are scientifically reviewed and graded by the PIs and/or co-Is of other proposals submitted during that round. Thus, submission of a proposal commits the PI or a designated co-I to review other proposals (typically 8) during that round.  Any student on the proposal (PI or Co-I) may be designated as the reviewer. In this case, a co-I (who has a PhD) must oversee the reviewing process. Failure to submit all reviews within two weeks will result in the PI’s own proposal being removed from consideration for that round. Reviewers should be aware that they will be requested to assess proposals in a wide range of scientific areas, and should make sure that their own proposals are accessible to people working on many different fields of astronomy.

To receive monthly deadline reminders and news of changes to the program that may affect or interest potential users, send a message to "Gemini-FT-reminders+subscribe" at gemini dot edu.

Fast Turnaround (FT) | Gemini Observatory


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