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Reducing the Data

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Gemini Data Reduction Software

Gemini offers data reduction software for its facility instruments. The Gemini IRAF package and the DRAGONS platform are the official data reduction software supported by Gemini.

For the next several years we will be transitioning from the IRAF platform to our new Python-based DRAGONS platform. As time goes by, more and more instruments and modes will be supported by DRAGONS. During this transition, it is possible that users will require both platforms depending on the data they have obtained.

  • Latest version of Gemini IRAF:  v1.15  (June 2022)
  • Latest version of DRAGONS:  v3.1.0  (April 2023)

Which platform should I use?

Gemini IRAF currently still support all the instruments and modes. However for any imaging data from current instruments, we recommend using DRAGONS. DRAGONS currently support imaging data reduction, but does not support any spectroscopy, for now.

GNIRS Keyhole Imaging DRAGONS
Flamingos-2 Imaging DRAGONS 

GMOS longslit spectroscopy
(including nod-and-shuffle)

Any other spectroscopy Gemini IRAF
Decommisioned Instruments Gemini IRAF

Getting the Software

  1. DRAGONS installation instructions
  2. DRAGONS documentation
  3. Gemini IRAF installation instructions and documentation

Data Reduction Help

To get help with Gemini IRAF or DRAGONS, please use the Gemini Helpdesk system. Use the Gemini IRAF category even for DRAGONS questions.

     Submit Helpdesk Ticket

If you find a bug with DRAGONS, please consider reporting on the DRAGONS Github issues portal. You will need a Github account.

     DRAGONS Code Issues

For comment, suggestions, and general feedback on DRAGONS, please add a comment to this decidicated post on the Gemini Data Reduction User Forum.

     DRAGONS Feedback Forum