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The GEMMA Podcast

A podcast about Gemini Observatory and its role in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy. Featuring news related to multi-messenger astronomy (MMA), time-domain astronomy (TDA), our visiting instrument program, and more through interviews with astronomers, engineers, and staff both here at Gemini (North and South) and abroad.

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Gemini contact scientist details.

Gemini Contact Scientists
Name in configurable ODB table Name E-mail address
Jennifer.Andrews Jennifer Andrews
rangeloni Rodolfo Angeloni
rcarrasco Rodrigo Carrasco
rcartier Regis Cartier
achene André-Nicolas Chené
kchibouc Kristin Chiboucas
rdiaz Ruben Diaz
emanuele.farina Emanuele Farina
joan.font Joan Font-Serra
tgeballe Tom Geballe
ggimeno German Gimeno
zachary.hartman Zachary Hartman
thayward Thomas Hayward
jheo Jeong-Eun Heo
venu.kalari Venu Kalari
ykang Yijung Kang
hkim Hwihyun Kim
brian.lemaux Brian C. Lemaux
smargheim Steve Margheim
clara.martinez Clara Martínez-Vázquez
teo.mocnik Teo Močnik
bmiller Bryan Miller
anitta Atsuko Nitta
frantaky Fredrik Rantakyro
mark.rawlings Mark Rawlings
rsalinas Ricardo Salinas
jscharwaechter Julia Scharwaechter
tom.seccull Tom Seccull
astephens Andrew Stephens
hyewon.suh Hyewon Suh
sxu Siyi Xu