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Science Observers at Gemini

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These pages contain information for astronomers visiting Gemini.

Gemini Observatory is pleased to host a variety of science visitors, including Classical observers, Priority Visitor observers, Queue PIs, and members of the National Gemini Offices. Please follow the links below that apply to you:

  • The visit of students is strongly encouraged, and financial support is possible (upon availability). 
  • Astronomers visiting Gemini must read the Instruction for Science Visitors (at Gemini South or at Gemini North).
  • Observers at Gemini North can consult the Observer's Guide in advance as a resource to help with preparing their run.
  • Information about trips to the summit, schedules, and advice about visiting can be found in the Visitor's guide for Gemini South and Gemini North.

Members of the media, the general public, and groups interested in touring our facilities in Hawaii or Chile can find more information in the Learn section of our web site.

Science Observers at Gemini | Gemini Observatory


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