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Phase III - Data Reduction and Analysis

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This page covers everything that is part of Phase III, i.e., the data reduction, analysis, and publication. It provides information about Gemini data, how to get them, how to reduce them, and how to acknowledge them in your publications. It also offers various ways to get data reduction support from Gemini.

Downloading and Understanding the Data

Reducing the Data

Which software should I use?

GNIRS Keyhole Imaging DRAGONS
Flamingos-2 Imaging DRAGONS 
GSAOI Imaging DRAGONS,  plus Disco-Stu
GMOS longslit spectroscopy Gemini IRAF for science reduction, DRAGONS for quicklook
Any other spectroscopy Gemini IRAF
Decommisioned Instruments Gemini IRAF

Getting Help

Acknowledging Gemini

Providing Feedback