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Gemini Research Staff

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Solar system and exoplanets
Solar system and exoplanet research at Gemini spans a wide range of topics from the chemical structure of bodies within the solar system to the possibility of life beyond it. Research activities aim to understand the formation of exoplanets and our own Solar System in the same context. The present day Trans-Neptunian population may be viewed as a highly evolved (and very local) circumstellar disk, with broad implications for the formation of planets in disks around other stars.
Gemini North Gemini South
Tom Geballe Fredrik Rantakyro
Thomas Seccull Joanna Thomas-Osip
Teo Mocnik Emily Deibert
Siyi Xu

Stellar astrophysics

Stellar Astrophysics research at Gemini encompasses many aspects of stars, "failed" stars and ex-stars in our Galaxy. The objects under study range from brown dwarfs that are sub-stellar in mass and have more in common with the Solar System giant planets than the stars, to very massive stars and clusters of stars, and also white dwarfs, which are the final evolutionary stage of 90% of all stars. 
Gemini North Gemini South
Jennifer Andrews Jeong-Eun Heo
André-Nicolas Chené Venu Kalari
Tom Geballe Steve Margheim
Zachary Hartman Fredrik Rantakyro
Sandy Leggett
Clara Martínez-Vázquez
Atsuko Nitta
Mark Rawlings
Monika Soraisam
Andrew Stephens
Siyi Xu

Galactic astronomy
Galactic astronomy research at Gemini encompasses many aspects of galactic evolution including the role of stellar clusters and the interstellar medium in the evolution of the Galactic environment.  This research spans studies of the initial mass function, high mass clusters, stellar populations, infrared bubbles, molecular shocks, interstellar dust composition, and Galactic micro-quasar objects. 
Gemini North Gemini South
Andy Adamson Rodrigo Carrasco
Jennifer Andrews Venu Kalari
André-Nicolas Chené Hwihyun Kim
Tom Geballe
Paul Hirst Bryan Miller
Clara Martínez-Vázquez Ricardo Salinas
Mark Rawlings
Monika Soraisam
Andrew Stephens

Extragalactic astronomy
Extragalactic research at Gemini covers systems from the edge of the Galactic halo to high redshift. There is a strong contingent focusing on the nature of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN). There is also extensive work on the evolution of galaxies and galaxy structures in environments ranging from the field, groups, and clusters over a wide range of look-back times.  Several of the staff are also studying the nature of extragalactic globular cluster systems and are using globular clusters to trace the mass distributions of the host galaxies. 
Gemini North Gemini South
Kristin Chiboucas
Emanuele Paolo (Ema) Farina Rodrigo Carrasco
Tom Geballe Regis Cartier
Paul Hirst Joan Font-Serra
Kathleen Labrie German Gimeno
Janice Lee Yijung Kang
Brian C. Lemaux Hwihyun Kim
Julia Scharwaechter Bryan Miller
Andrew Stephens
Hyewon Suh

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