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Observation Preparation

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This section focuses on how to prepare NIRI observations for your Phase I and Phase II submissions. Preparing observing sequences involves much more than setting up the observation of the target; the complete observing sequences must include in addition "acquisition observations" (e.g., for finding the target and centering it on the image ) if needed, observations of telluric standards and/or flux standards, and usually includes flat field calibrations and dark frames.

 The key to successful observation preparation is starting from the NIRI Observing Tool (OT) Library when creating your Phase II in the OT. An additional description of required supporting observations for NIRI is given on the Near-IR Resources page.

 Below are some useful links to help you get started with your Phase I with the PIT (Phase I Tool)  and  Phase II preparation with the OT

  • Phase I Checklist
  • Observing Tool (OT) General Overview
  • Phase II instructions/deadlines for the new semester
  • NIRI OT Details
  • NIRI Phase II Checklist

  • Gemini Observatory Participants