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Spectroscopic Stds

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Observations of spectrophotometric standard stars are required in order for spectra obtained by GMOS to be flux-calibrated. For spectra at wavelength longwards of about 680nm, calibration spectra of hot stars are needed if cancellation of telluric features in the spectrum is required.

Baseline calibrations spectrophotometric standard stars are choosen for GMOS from the sources listed in the following table. When wavelength coverage redwards of 810nm is required, standard stars for Gemini North will be stars that are included in both Massey & Cornwall (1990) and Massey et al. (1988), while for Gemini South standards stars from Hamuy et al. (1994) will be observed.

GMOS Spectrophotometric Standard Stars
Reference Declination
Massey et al. (1988, ApJ, 328, 315) -5 deg to +60 deg 320-810 nm 5 nm
Massey & Cornwall (1990, ApJ, 358, 344) -5 deg to +54 deg 735-1020 nm 5 nm
Hamuy et al. (1994, PASP, 106, 566) -68 deg to +11 deg 330-1030 nm 5 nm
Bessell (1999, PASP, 111, 1426) EG 131* 330-1030 nm 5 nm

*Note that the calibration files for EG 131 are distributed with the Gemini IRAF package in the directory gmos$calib/.

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