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Observation preparation

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This section contains instructions for configuring NIFS at phase II. It is organized as follows:

The easiest way to develop a Phase II program is to use the predefined observations in the OT Library. The OT Library contains examples and templates of all typical Gemini observations and should be the basis of your phase II (the example best matching your desired observation can be copied and pasted into your program in the OT, and then modified to your requirements). The best practice is to use (or at least review) the library version for the current observing semester. This way, updates or changes to observation protocols will automatically be accounted for in new Phase II programs. Notes and descriptions appear directly in the library sequences to help observers understand how to best use the instruments.

Phase II submissions are required to contain spectroscopic acquisition sequences and all calibrations. Examples of observations with these calibrations included are also given in the OT Library.

Observation preparation | Gemini Observatory


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