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Catalog Query Tool

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The 2016A OT includes a completely new "Catalog Query Tool" (CQT). The CQT is for manual guide star searches, and is opened via the "Manual GS" button in the Target component or at the top of the Position Editor.

All the CQT parameters are automatically filled in from the observation where a manual guide star was requested. This includes the target name and coordinates, the instrument and guider, and the requested observing conditions. The resulting limiting magnitude range is displayed below the conditions, where "FAST", "MEDIUM", and "SLOW" refer to the guide frequency.

The guide star catalog defaults to UCAC4, but may be changed to PPMXL for fainter guide stars.

The list of potential guide stars is displayed on the right and plotted in the Position Editor. The guide star quality is displayed in the first column, and this determines the symbols plotted in the Position Editor.

Catalog Query Tool

Catalog Query Tool | Gemini Observatory


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