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System Verification for GeMS/GSAOI on Gemini South

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In August 2012 the Gemini community was invited to propose System Verification (SV) science programs for GeMS/GSAOI. The deadline for proposal submissions was September 14, 2012,. Approximately 60 hours of SV time was available in the 2012B semester. The response from the community was very positive: a total of 28 proposal were received, requesting ~138 hours (an oversubscription factor of 2.3). The PIs of successful SV proposals were notified on October 12, 2012. The GeMS/GSAOI SV observations started at the end of December 2012 and extended to end of March 2013. Of the thirteen approved programs (eight in Band 1 and five in Band 2), eleven programs were completed, one was 50% completed and one was not observed because the guide stars were too faint.

Gemini Observatory Participants