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NIRI is only available for queue, priority visitor, and classical imaging observations due to problems with the focal plane mask and beam splitter mechanisms. The NIRI spectroscopy pages are provided for archival data reduction.

 Low-moderate resolution spectroscopy can be obtained either at f/6 through each of the 1-5μm windows or at f/32 (the latter usually with adaptive optics) at JHK only. A variety of slit widths are available. The properties of the slits, grisms, and blocking filters are decribed in the section. The f/6 and f/32 pixel scales in spectroscopy mode are the same as those in imaging mode.

  • Slits
  • Grisms
  • Blocking Filters
  • Exposure Times
  • Observing Strategies
  • Detector Array

  • Gemini Observatory Participants