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The Gemini IRAF Package

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The Gemini IRAF package is a data reduction software package for processing observational data obtained with the Gemini telescopes. The released version of the Gemini IRAF package is an external package layered upon IRAF and is available to users and other interested parties.

The Gemini IRAF package currently supports data from the following instruments: FLAMINGOS-2, GMOS-N, GMOS-S, GNIRS, GSAOI, Michelle *, NIFS, NIRI, TReCS *, OSCIR *, Hokupa'a+QUIRC * and Flamingos-1 *. Support for other Gemini facility instruments will be added as these instruments become available.

The Gemini IRAF package is organized into a number of sub-packages. It contains a generic tools package, "gemtools", along with instrument-specific packages. The raw data from the Gemini facility instruments are stored as Multi-Extension FITS (MEF) files. Therefore, all the tasks in the Gemini IRAF package, intended for processing data from the Gemini facility instruments, are capable of handling MEF files. Gemini provides only limited data reduction software for visitor instruments.

 * Retired instruments. 

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