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DRAGONS Data Reduction Software

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DRAGONS is a platform for the reduction and processing of astronomical data. It is a Python meta-package that includes infrastructure for automation and algorithms for processing astronomical data. Currently, it focuses on the reduction of Gemini data, but hooks are available for expansion to data from other observatories.

With a little bit of guidance from you, DRAGONS will reduce your Gemini data in a standard way, rapidly, with little fuss. With a bit more guidance from you, DRAGONS will let you optimize the reduction for your specific sources and science objectives.

The primary reference to be cited by users of DRAGONS and the DOI are:

        K. Labrie et al. 2023, RNAAS, v7, Issue 10, id.214

        DRAGONS DOI:10.5281/zenodo.10841622

Some other resources:

System Requirements

  • Python 3.10
  • Linux, equivalent to CentOS 7 and above
  • Or Mac OS X 10.13 and above
  • x86_64 Miniforge or Anaconda (works on Mac arm64 architecture)
  • conda >-4.12 for Python 3.10.


DRAGONS is distributed as a conda package. You will need to install Miniforge or Anaconda first. The advantage of this distribution system is that it will take care of installing all the required dependencies needed by DRAGONS in a self-contained environment.

The instructions to install Miniforge and then DRAGONS are located in the main DRAGONS documentation, here:

        Install DRAGONS

Documentation and Tutorials

Official DRAGONS Documentation

DRAGONS documentation portal
The portal will lead you to tutorials for each of the supported instrument and mode, as well as tutorials and manuals on how to use and customize DRAGONS

External Resources

US-NGO's Tutorials
Jupyter notebook examples.

DRAGONS Data Reduction Software | Gemini Observatory


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