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Feedback Form for Gemini Queue Data Recipients

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Telescope/Observing Run Information
Enter the Program ID (e.g. GN- ):
Enter the Instrument used:

PI/Observer Information
Enter the Principal Investigator on the observing proposal:
Enter the Name of the Person Completing this Form
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Enter the E-mail Address of the person completing this form:

Data Quality/Scientific Results Info
Choose the Approximate Percentage of the ALLOCATED program that was observed:
Does the Quality (e.g. Image Quality, S/N) of these data meet or exceed your expectations?
If not, please briefly describe shortcomings.
Do these data meet the Scientific Aims of the proposal? Please explain.
Please describe Significant Results already apparent from these data.

Additional Information
Will these data/results form part of a PhD thesis? If yes, please provide student's name and institution.
Please provide below any Additional Comments or Suggestions (e.g., on the proposal process e.g. Phase I, Phase II, documentation, communications with/support by Gemini staff).

Please note that all information submitted to the Gemini Observatory will be treated in strict confidence.

Click on 'Submit Feedback' to e-mail your comments to the Associate Directors for Gemini North and Gemini South.


NOTE: Papers containing data from the Gemini telescopes should include the acknowledgement given at the following URL: Gemini Acknowledgement

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