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Photometric Standard Search

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Search for photometric standards close to the specified RA and Dec. Note that if you are using NIRI at JHK with the f/6 camera (0.12 arcsec/pixel scale), then standards fainter than 11th magnitude should be used. The NIRI OT library includes observations of suitable JHKLM standards, with appropriate exposure times.

1. RA: (e.g. 00:42:44)

2. Dec: (e.g. 41:16:09)

3. Catalogs:   UKIRT (JHKLM)   Persson (JHK)   WFCAM (Y)

4. Observation Duration: hrs

5. Maximum Distance: degrees

6. Output Sorting: RA Distance Magnitude


1,2. Target coordinates should be J2000 and in sexagesimal format.

3. UKIRT = JHK observations of faint standard stars in the Mauna Kea Observatories NIR photometric system, Leggett et al., 2006, MNRAS, in press. Persson = A New System of Faint NIR Standard Stars, Persson, et al., 1998, AJ, 116, 2475. WFCAM = Average Y-band magnitudes of UKIRT standards measured in UKIDSS DR4.

4. If observation duration > 0, return two sets of standards, one for before and one for after the science target.

5. Maximum distance for acceptable standards.

2008 July 29 - Andrew Stephens