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Flux Conversion Tool

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Conversion of Fluxes

This page allows one to upload a file containing wavelength and flux values, one pair per line, whereupon the form returns the values with the flux units converted between frequency flux density (in Jansky or in per Hertz form) or wavelength flux density or wavelength * wavelength flux density. Please specify the units below and select a file, then send the query. The return will be the converted values.

In what follows lambda symbolizes the wavelength and nu symbolizes the frequency.

It is assumed that the wavelength flux density units match the wavelength units (i.e. Watts per square meter per micron and microns, or erg per second per square cm per Angstrom and Angstroms). One needs to specify the wavelength units and the system of units so that the conversions can be done properly. If one is only converting from F_lambda to lambda*F_lambda -- or doing the reverse conversion -- the units options will not matter and those inputs will not be used.

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