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Gemini South closed due to very bad weather

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Update May 27th

Telescope is now back in operation after the snow and ice being removed from the dome. 

Update May 26th

The poor weather has continued and impeded science operations. The conditions are now improving and a special team will travel to the summit on Satirday the 27th to clean the dome from ice and snow, and if all goes well we will be able to open on Saturday the 27th. 

Update May 19th

During the last few weeks Gemini South has been affected by severe rain and snow storms, affecting the operations due to roads being affected and also the dome being covered in ice and snow. The last few days we have been closed fue to the snow and ice acummulating on the dome and the summit crew has been working hard to get back to operation. Due to the freezing temperatures and the high winds we do not expect to be able to open again until Monday the 22nd of May at the earliest. 

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Gemini South closed due to very bad weather | Gemini Observatory


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