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Gemini North Hurricane Madeline Update

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Gemini North operations will be affected by Hurricane Madeline. Hawai‘i Island is currently under a Hurricane Warning as of 11AM, Tuesday, August 30th.

  • No Observing Wednesday night
  • The data center will be shut down before the close of business Wednesday
  • The Phase I Tool (PIT) will not be available for download and it will not be possible to submit proposals (2017A, FT, PW, DD) until the data center is back online
  • First possible observing will be on Thursday night
  • Gemini's website is operating from a mirror due to a precautionary shutdown of the Gemini North datacenter:

We will update about Hurricane Lester later in the week. View more information in our general announcements, including when the data center will be back online.

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Gemini North Hurricane Madeline Update | Gemini Observatory


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