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Gemini Strategic Vision Survey now open

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The Gemini Observatory starts focusing on the future, specifically on what Gemini will look like beyond the year 2020. The Gemini Board of Directors has set up a Strategic Vision Committee, whose charge can be found on Gemini’s website. In essence, the Strategic Vision identifies the Observatory’s purpose, direction, and fundamental principles. It directly addresses the role the Observatory will play beyond 2021 and considers a variety of funding and partnership scenarios. By the end of this year, the Strategic Vision will be in place. Along the way, we are seeking input, through this survey, from the user community on how they see the way forward and what opportunities we should pursue. If you wish to provide input beyond this survey, please do not hesitate to send white papers to the Gemini Director (

Once the Gemini Board approves the Strategic Vision, the Observatory will develop a Strategic Plan. This detailed roadmap for reaching a preferred future will be aligned with, and derived from, the Strategic Vision; it must encourage new opportunities, consider budget shifts, and examine the changing landscape of astronomical facilities. Once the Board approves the Plan, the Observatory will own it.

The Observatory will have until mid-2018 to prepare this Strategic Plan. The timeline conforms to the Assessment Point (within calendar year 2018) executed by the Gemini Board, in accordance to the International Agreement governing the Gemini Observatory. At the Assessment Point, our international partners will confer about the future of the Observatory and state their intentions to remain in the Partnership.

The present survey is structured in two parts. Part one requests your feedback on the principles put forward by the Gemini Board of Directors, as well as by the Gemini Science and Technology Advisory Committee. Part two is seeking your feedback on potential specialization scenarios.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Gemini Strategic Vision Survey now open | Gemini Observatory


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