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Gemini South observing database offline - Phase 2 deadline extended

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A power cut due to a snowstorm on Cerro Pachon on July 12, 2015 has caused most of the computer infrastructure, including the observing database (ODB), at Gemini South to be shut down.  The system will be restored as soon as a crew can reach the summit, but the road is currently impassable. Therefore, until further notice all Gemini South ODB services including program sync, guide star and image catalog queries, ITC calculations, key requests, and file attachment access will be unavailable. 

Due to this situation the Phase 2 deadline for 2015B Gemini South programs will be extended until at least Friday, July 17. This may be modified as we learn more about the timescale for recovering the services.  Updates will be given via the Gemini Science Operations Announcements.

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