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Gemini Planet Imager (GPI): Cleared for Shipment to Gemini South!

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In a milestone statement distributed moments ago by the GPI Pre-delivery Acceptance Review Committee, Chair Stephen Goodsell announced that GPI is now clear for shipment from the University of California Santa Cruz to Gemini South in Chile.The Committee’s final report is slated for release on July 26th, but a statement sumarizing the results of the review is available now - GPI Review Committee: Final Day Statement  41 KB


GPI Pre-delivery Acceptance Review Committee: Group Photo-key

Front Row: Kayla Hardie (Gemini), Jennifer Dunn (HIA), Stephen Goodsell (Review Chair, Gemini), Sandrine Thomas (NASA AMES). Second Row: Patrick Ingraham (UdeM), Marshall Perrin (StSci), Fredrik Rantakyro (Gemini), Bruce Macintosh (LLNL), Naru Sadakuni (UCSC). Third Row: Vincent Fesquet (Gemini), Brian Walls (GMT), Markus Hartung (Gemini), Ramon Galvez (Gemini) Fourth Row: Andrew Serio (Gemini), Gaston Gausachs (Gemini), James Larkin (UCLA), Carlos Quiroz (Gemini), Don Gavel (UCSC). Fifth Row: Scot Kleinman (Gemini), Kent Wallace (JPL), Jeff Chilcote (UCLA), Les Saddlemyer (HIA). Back Row: Kris Caputa (HIA), Dave Palmer (LLNL), James Graham (Berkeley), Dmitry Savransky (LLNL)

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Gemini Planet Imager (GPI): Cleared for Shipment to Gemini South! | Gemini Observatory


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