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2012B PIT (new generation) released

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The 2012B Phase I Tool (PIT) has been released as part of the 2012B call for proposals. This is a completely new PIT with the following major changes:

  • Completely redesigned interface
  • Text sections (eg. science justification) are written using LaTeX or Word tempates and attached to the proposal as a PDF
  • Guide star evaluation is automatic and no guide stars need to be entered
  • Automatic GSA duplication checks
  • Proposal documents (xml files) are not compatile with previous versions

New help pages and video tutorials are available.  Proposers are encouraged to download and become familiar with the tool well in advance of the proposal deadline (March 29 - April 2, depending on the partner with which the PI is affiliated).

The 2012A PIT should continue to be used for 2012A director's time and poor weather proposals.

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