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June 2010 GeminiFocus - Special 10th Anniversary Issue

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GF June 2010

The June 2010 issue of GeminiFocus is now available electronically (downloadable as a PDF).

This issue of GeminiFocus celebrates Gemini’s first decade of science operations with a special section highlighting many of the observatory’s accomplishments. It includes not only articles on the scientific, engineering and operational breakthroughs and achievements (starting on pages 6, 48, and 54 respectively), but also a stunning gallery of images (staff favorites) from the Gemini Legacy collection (starting on page 60). Key science results are presented in the following areas:

  • Gemini’s First Data, the Galactic Center: page 6
  • Monitoring the Solar System: page 8
  • Outer Solar System and Minor Bodies: page 12
  • Exoplanet Imaging: page 16
  • Dwarf Objects: page 20
  • Stellar Disks: page 24
  • Active Galactic Nuclei: page 28
  • Supernovae: page 32
  • Star Formation in the Early Universe: page 36
  • Early Galaxy Evolution: page 40
  • Gamma-ray Bursts: page 44

The editors hope you enjoy this section as much as we have enjoyed assembling it. We look forward to another productive decade of discovery at Gemini as our users find exciting new ways to push the boundaries of knowledge and technology.

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June 2010 GeminiFocus - Special 10th Anniversary Issue | Gemini Observatory


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