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2009B required OT update available

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The September database maintenance has been completed and an updated OT (2009B.2.1.1) is available from the OT installation page. This is a required update since the database is not compatible with previous versions. All 2009B PIs as well as PIs of active 2008B and 2009A roll-over programs will need to upgrade. Changes from the previous version are given in the release notes.

This version fixes a bug related to the GMOS nod-and-shuffle tab that can prevent a program from being exported to XML. Unfortunately, this bug can appear during the update process. If it occurs there is a way to recover as long as you don't delete anything in the directory ~/.jsky/spdb. This in turn means that the OT auto-update feature cannot be used for this release. Therefore, the auto-update feature has been disabled and this OT must be installed from the distribution files. We apologize for this inconvenience but we feel that the security of data is of the highest importance.

If you have a problem with exporting a program then please submit a HelpDesk ticket and we will assist you.


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2009B required OT update available | Gemini Observatory


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