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DRAGONS v3.1.0 Release Available - Full support for GMOS Longslit

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DRAGONS v3.1.0 is finally here!

This is a big update.  At long last, GMOS longslit for science is available, including longslit nod-and-shuffle.

But there's a lot more still in that release.

  • New recipes.
  • New tutorials.
  • Improved calibration manager.
  • GSAOI stacking within DRAGONS.  Goodbye disco_stu.
  • BPMs from the archive and associated like calibrations.
  • Compatibility with Python 3.10 and removed dependencies on STScI's astroconda.

The release note is here:

For a summary of the changes see:

With this release, DRAGONS offers support for Science Quality reduction of:    

  • GMOS imager
  • NIRI imager
  • GSAOI imager
  • F2 imager
  • GMOS longslit spectrograph

For imaging and GMOS longslit spectroscopy, this software should be used instead of the Gemini IRAF package.  Given all the changes, especially to the calibration manager and the handling of the BPMs, we strongly recommend that even experienced users review the tutorials.

The portal to the DRAGONS documentation, including installation instructions, is

You can now follow us on Twitter at @dragonsastro.  

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