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Overview Section

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This is the top left panel of the PIT, when "Overview" is selected from the "Overview / Time Requests/ Scheduling / Submit" options shown below the panel. A video tutorial is also available for this section.

PIT Overview Panel

Title: Type the title of your proposal in the box.

Abstract: Type in your Abstract in the box. The Abstract should be limited to about 200 words. Use plain text, as LaTeX and other formatting commands will not be interpreted by the Tool.

Category: Please select one of "Planetary systems", "Star and planet formation", "Stars and stellar evolution", "Formation and evolution of compact objects", "Resolved stellar populations and their environments", "Galaxy evolution", or 
"Cosmology and fundamental physics" from the drop-down menu. The catagories from pre-2020A proposals are mapped to the new categories.

Keywords: Click on the icon to select keywords appropriate for your proposal; the keywords are used by the TACs to categorize the proposal. There is no limit to the number of keywords. To help you find keywords, type in text in the box at the top, and the keywords that match will be shown.

Attachment: Click on the Download button (down arrow) or select "Open LaTeX/Word text section templates in browser" from the Help menu to open the web site containing the LaTeX/Word templates for the text attachment in your web browser.  Click the paper clip icon to attach a PDF file containing your Science and Technical Case. This file must be in PDF format and must be generated using the templates provided for the semester for which you are proposing.  The attachment can be removed using the red "X" icon that appears on the right after you select a file.

Name, Institution Phone, Email: List the PI and co-Is in this section. Double click on the entry box to type in the information. You can use the "+" button at the bottom of the box to add another person on the list. The arrows can be used to move entries up or down. The gender selection option added in 2020A is optional and for internal statistics only, to help evaluate any gender bias in the proposal evaluation process. This information will not be shared with TAC members.

Gemini Observatory Participants