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Mac Java 1.7

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The 2015A Phase I Tool (PIT) and Observing Tool (OT) use Java version 1.7 which has a known unresolved network issue on Mac OS. If your computer's HostName as returned by the "scutil" command does not have a domain name, you will likely encounter this problem. For example:

$ scutil --get HostName

The symptoms are slow start times for the application and network connection problems in general.

To work around the issue, one solution is to add a ".local" domain name. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR HOSTNAME as this could break your ability to login, but rather just add ".local" to your existing hostname. This can be done with scutil:

$ sudo scutil --set HostName myhostname.local

This will prompt you for your password, which must have sudo privileges.

The LocalHostName must also match the root of the HostName, for example:

$ scutil --get HostName

$ scutil --get LocalHostName

You may need to restart your system for these changes to be applied and visible to the OT

If this does not work, then some people have had success by also making the following change

$ sudo scutil --set HostName localhost

If you have any other problem ask your system administrator for help or submit a helpdesk ticket.

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