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Demand for Gemini Telescope Time

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Demand for Gemini Telescope Time

The figures below show the total demand in hours from each partner, host institution and staff, as well as the summed demand. The UK ceased to be a partner in 2013A. Requests for Exchange time are not included. The ratio of the total demand to the time available is given in the Over-Subscription page. Note that the requested time does not include time required for calibrations, unless the calibrations are non-standard. The Observing Overheads page summarises all overheads associated with Gemini observations. The standard, baseline, calibrations are described on the GMOS Baseline Calibrations webpage, the NIR Baseline Calibrations webpage, and the Mid-IR Baseline Calibrations webpage. Telescope time used in program calibration varies by instrument. For GMOS, calibrations add about 5% to the program time, for NIRI 10%, for GNIRS and NIFS 23%. For the typical instrument distribution across the sites, the additional overhead due to calibrations is 9% for Gemini North, and 5% for Gemini South.


Gemini Demand in Hours

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