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Introduction to the Proposal and Observation Process

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The normal Gemini proposal process is comprised of two phases:

  • Phase I - an application for time is made to National Time Allocation Committees (NTACs) supported by a scientific and technical justification.
  • Phase II - observations are prepared with the Gemini Observing Tool (OT) software.

Proposal Routes and Observing Modes

Recent nightlog summaries GN | GS

Observing Condition Constraints

What to expect once your observations are in the queue

Telescope Time Charging

Data Rights and Distribution

Current Instrument Configurations

  • Instruments on GN | GS
  • GMOS configuration GN | GS

Announcements for Semester 2020B

Announcements for Semester 2020A

Previous Semesters

Instructions for Visitors

Gemini Observatory Participants