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Below is a table of central wavelengths and spectral coverage of the four filters available for NIFS. The Gemini filter IDs are given in the table and transmission curves (and electronic transmission data) can be displayed or downloaded. In practice the wavelength coverage of NIFS data also depends on the grating efficiency and the wavelength cut-off of the detector.

Filter Name Central Wavelength (microns) Coverage
Gemini ID Transmission Curve Transmission Data
ZJ 1.11 0.77-1.44 G0601 here here
JH 1.57 1.18-1.96 G0602 here here
HK 2.16 1.57-2.75 G0603 here here

In addition to these filters, two neutral density (ND) filters are available to avoid saturation of bright targets. They are located within the Focal Plane Unit (same mechanism as the occulting discs used for coronagraphy). Their properties are summarized in the following table. The transmission behavior varies little with wavelength.

ND Filter Name Transmission Attenuation (mag)
KG3 5% 3.25
KG5 2% 4.25

Note that the ND filters are not included in the current integration time calculator (ITC), so these factors should be taken into account manually when estimating exposure times.

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