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Mauna Kea Photometric Filters in GNIRS

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The filters listed below may be used for photometry on the Mauna Kea system. As they vignette the outer portions of the GNIRS acquisition keyhole, they should not be used for purposes of acquisition for spectroscopy.

Mauna Kea Photometric Filters in GNIRS
Filter Name Wavelength range Transmittance plot
measured in GNIRSa
Transmittance numerical data
measured in GNIRSa
Transmittance curve
from manufacturer
Gemini ID
Y 0.97-1.07µm yes yes - G0544
J-MK 1.17-1.34µm yes yes - G0545
K-MK 2.03-2.37µm yes yes - G0546
ascaled to transmittance of the XD filter in the relevant wavelength interval

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