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Two types of spectroscopy are possible with FLAMINGOS-2 and its selection of gratings: 

Spectroscopy with FLAMINGOS-2 always requires a filter / grism combination to select a wavelength range of interest, see also the filter page.


Available Grisms:

  • Two lower resolution grisms (JH and HK) with peak R~1300 and simultaneously covering the J&H or H&K bands.
  • One higher resolution grism with peak R~3200 (for the two pixel wide slit) giving complete coverage of one (Y or J or H or Ks or K-long) near-IR band at a time.
  • The achieved resolution averages are R~1000 within 70% of the JH and HK ranges, and R~2900 within the ranges J, H or Ks/K-long. Consult the grisms page to obtain more information about how the spectral resolution changes with wavelegth. The resolution is constant across the slit length. 

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