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Guiding Options

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Two guiding options are available, the F2 On-Instrument Wavefront Sensor (OIWFS) and the telescope's Peripheral Wavefront Sensors (PWFSs). In a nutshell, the PWFS covers a larger range and has a higher probability of finding a suitably bright guide star. However, it also causes severe vignetting of the field, which can impact imaging observations. The OIWFS has a smaller patrol field, but offers minimal vignetting. The OIWFS has experienced several mechanical faults in the past and may be unavailable. Check the Status and Availability page for up-to-date information.

Check with the primary contact scientist of your program about what is the best guiding option for your scientific needs. More details about the guiders are provided below:

Using F2 with the PWFS

Gemini Observatory Participants