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'Alopeke Status and Availability

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'Alopeke is being commissioned at Gemini North in 2017B and will be available for science in 2018A.

Recent News

2017-Dec-13 - The second 'Alopeke commissioning run had poor weather, but the instrument performed well. Below are two ~18.5" images in the center of the globular cluster M15 taken in poor conditions (~1" seeing and very windy). The left image is a simple stack of all 1000 x 60 millisecond images, while the image on the right is a speckle reconstruction yielding FWHM~0.15".


2017-Oct-26 - 'Alopeke first light!

2017-Oct-24 - 'Alopeke installed on it's mounting tube.

2017-Oct-18 - The 'Alopeke mounting tube is installed between GCAL and the ISS.