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Instrument Upgrades: Teams seeking collaboration

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Gemini encourages collaborations and will provide a forum for those seeking additional partners to complete a team for this work. Groups interested in Instrument Upgrades who may lack the expertise needed to complete the work should submit a notice of intent and use this forum to find additional partners for the work.


Teams / PIs seeking collaboration:


  • Dr. Jon Mauerhan (mahuerhan (at), Department of Astronomy, University of Berkeley. Expertise: Supernovae, massive stars. Interest: Commissioning the Gemini Polarization Unit (GPOL).  
  • Dr. J Allyn Smith (smithj (at), Department of Physics and Astronomy, Austin Pey State University. Expertise: Observational astrophysics, survey calibration, late stages of stellar evolution. Interest: Commissioning the Gemini Polarization Unit (GPOL).  
  • A. John Derrig (ajderrig (at), PTS, Albuquerque. Expertise: Engineering proposal preapration services. Build-to-print manufacturing and design-to-specification services.  Experience in TMT projects.
  • Mukremin Kilic (mukreminkilic (at), Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Oklahoma. Expertise: White dwarfs, ultra-compact binaries. Interest: Frame-transfer mode capabilities.

Gemini Observatory Participants