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Instrument Upgrades: RfP Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1:  How will I get updates about the Request for Proposals?

A1:  Gemini will post any updates at the top of the RfP webpage.  If you are interested in receiving updates and news about the RfP, please provide your contact information including email address to Karen Godzyk (


Q2:  Can we submit a proposal with three equal partners?

A2:  Yes, A group of institutions may submit a joint proposal in which multiple institutions are all listed as equal partners. However, one of the institutions have to be identified as the lead institution for contract negotiation and project oversight.


Q3:  Our institution has built an instrument for Gemini before, but our country is not part of the partnership now. Can we submit a proposal for the IUP anyway?

A3:  Yes, the RFP is open to non-partner country Principal Investigators who have significant and relevantexperience in using, designing, and/or building a Gemini instrument. 


Q4:  Our institution has never built an instrument for Gemini before, and the country is outside the partnership. Are we eligible for an instrument upgrade project?

A4:  No. The RFP is only open to all institutions or companies from Gemini partner nations, or non-partner country Principal Investigators who have significant and relevant experience in using, designing, and/or building a Gemini instrument.  


Q5:  I want to propose an upgrade to one of Gemini's future instruments, and I request now $100K for the feasibility study. We will contribute the three-person team work hours as in-kind contribution.  Would Gemini consider this proposal?

A5:  No. We will accept proposals that provide in-kind contributions, but cannot provide funding beyond the cap described in the RfP.  This program is not intended for design studies for future instruments or upgrades.


Q6:  We have a project in mind but we are waiting on some new technology to be finalized. Will Gemini accept a 3-year contract?

A6:  No. Work for each project is expected to be completed within twelve (12) months of contract execution in case of small projects, and up to twenty four (24) months in case of the more ambitious projects. In this specific case with considerable technical risk, we recommend you wait for your technology to mature, then apply for future calls from this program.


Q7:  Where can I find examples about what Gemini considers a possible small project instrument upgrade?

A7:  Gemini's instrument scientists prepared a brief list of possible instrument upgrade projects. Here are some examples. You are welcome to propose for one of those, or develop your own idea.   


Q8:  Do you have a sample of a surety plan that can be distributed?

A8:  Yes, here you have a sample.

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