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Queue Summary

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Semester 2023A - GN DDT Programs

The table below summarizes the Gemini queue programs and their execution status. This page is updated once per day.

The columns in the table are:
Ref # Gemini reference number (note that this is different from any internal National TAC reference number). Click on it to see the proposal abstract (when available).
PI Name of Principal Investigator. (If a joint proposal, the name of the primary contact for the entire program is listed).
Partner Participant (AR, BR, CA, CL, KR, UH, US) to which time will be charged. If a joint proposal, all contributors are shown.
Title The title of the science program.
Instrument Name of the instrument(s) required.
Hours Allocated Time allocated to the program (if a joint proposal, this is the total time for the program). Semesters shown in square brackets e.g. [] indicate that the program can be carried over to the specified semester.
Execution Status Click on this hyperlink to see the current status of each observation in the program.
Data Taken The UT date(s) on which data were taken.
Completion Status This shows an estimate of the fraction of allocated time that has been used. Note that this is a preliminary estimate and is only an indication of the completion state of the program. The completion state may not reflect the formal time accounting. Also note that some programs may be completed in less than the allocated time (e.g. if conditions were better than requested or if the request was overestimated).

The assigned support staff (Gemini Contact Scientists and National Office staff) for each program are listed in the interactive 'snapshots' of the Observing Database (ODB).

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GN Director's Discretionary Time Queue Band 1
Ref # PI Partner Title Instrument Hours
GN-2023A-DD-102 Chrimes DD Comprehensive Chandra, Gemini, JVLA and HST observations of a fast blue optical transient GMOS 5.00
Execution Status: RToO Dates Taken:
Completion Status:
GN-2023A-DD-103 Koss US A Deep Resolved Study of CGCG341-006, a 1.5 kpc Nearby Dual AGN GMOS 2.00
Execution Status: complete Dates Taken:
Completion Status:
GN-2023A-DD-104 Ghez DD Discovery of a dark cusp at the Galactic center? NIFS+Altair / NIFS+AltairLGS 3.25
Execution Status: Dates Taken:
Completion Status:
GN-2023A-DD-105 Lotz DD Back with a Bang: Gemini Multiwavelength Observations of SN 2023ixf GMOS / GNIRS / NIFS+Altair / Visitor 5.00
Execution Status: complete Dates Taken:
20230603 20230604 20230605 20230609 20230617
Completion Status:
GN-2023A-DD-106 Evans DD NIR Spectroscopic Monitoring of the Imminent Eruption of the Recurrent Nova T Coronae Borealis GNIRS 3.20
Execution Status: SToO Dates Taken:
Completion Status:
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