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2022B Call for Proposals Virtual Workshops

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The 2022B Gemini Call for Proposals includes several important changes including support for the Astronomical Event Observatory Network (AEON), dual-anonymous review process (DARP) support, and a category for JWST synergies. Gemini hosted virtual workshops at the times below to explain the new options and provide time for Q&A. The content of both sessions was basically the same. The presentation slides and recordings of the sessions are given below.

March 10 at 17:00 UTC/14:00 Chile/10:00 Tucson/07:00 HI/02:00 Korea (March 11)
March 10 at 23:00 UTC/20:00 Chile/16:00 Tucson/13:00 HI/08:00 Korea (March 11)

Presentation slides

Session 1 recording

Session 2 recording (recommended)

2022B Call for Proposals Virtual Workshops | Gemini Observatory


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