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Update on the UK status in Gemini -- updated February 11, 2008

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The Executive Agency and the STFC agreed this morning on the terms for discussion of possible continued UK involvement in Gemini. Dates are being set for this discussion. Accordingly the Gemini Observatory has been asked to reinstate the 2008A UK observing time allocation according to the Board's resolution. The agreement between the Executive Agency and the STFC removes the conditional nature of the reinstatement in the Board resolution:

Resolution 2008.Feb.09 The Board has received new correspondence from the STFC regarding the UK involvement in Gemini. The UK has committed to continue their Operations payments during 2008, and wishes to open negotiations with the Executive Agency and the Board to explore their options for continued participation in the Gemini Observatory.

Therefore, the Board resolves to conditionally reinstate 2008A UK observing time allocations on both Gemini-North and Gemini-South.

The Board asks that the Chair and Designated Members, including the UK, meet face-to-face at the earliest opportunity to further discussion of possible continued UK involvement in Gemini.

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