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Gemini IRAF v1.15 Released - Flamingos 2 MOS Support

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Flamingos 2 MOS support is now available in the new full release of Gemini IRAF v1.15.  This new version also includes the changes from the recent v1.14 patch, as well as various bug fixes.  To install Gemini IRAF v1.15, use conda.  If you already have a conda environment (eg. geminiconda) with Gemini IRAF v1.14, activate the environment and install the "iraf.gemini" packages:

   > conda activate geminiconda
   > conda install iraf.gemini=1.15 --no-update-deps

Because of a limitation on PyRAF as distributed via conda, Python 2.7 is still required.  (We are testing a version compatible with Python 3 but it isn't ready yet.)

The full installation instructions are available at:

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Gemini IRAF v1.15 Released - Flamingos 2 MOS Support | Gemini Observatory


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