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March 2020 GHOST Update

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In January, comprehensive testing of the spectrograph subsystems was completed yielding excellent results, e.g. low scattered light and ghosting; wavelength coverage from 359 nm to beyond 1 µm with throughput exceeding requirements; high resolution mode median values of R = 81600 in the blue arm and R = 86100 in the red arm; a low resolution mode median value of R = 55500.  In February, the spectrograph was disassembled and packed for shipping to Chile.  Three 20 foot long sea containers carrying the enclosure, the optical bench, electronics cabinets, and assembly tools were shipped and then received in March, stored at the Gemini base facility due to the COVID-19 shutdown of the telescope.  The optics were to be air-shipped shortly thereafter, but are being held in Victoria until the pandemic situation becomes more clear

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