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GNIRS LR- and HR-IFU released for science use

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As part of the Gemini Instrument Upgrade Program GNIRS has gained two new optical sub-systems, namely the LR-IFU and the HR-IFU. The commissioning of both IFUs has now been completed. The LR-IFU is available for observations in both regular queue and Fast Turnaround and the HR-IFU is offered in shared-risk in the 2024B Call for proposal and will be released for Fast Turnaround at a later date.

Raw data collected during the commissioning of the two IFUs are publicly available on the Gemini archive under the program GN-2022A-ENG-132. Note that the Gemini IRAF package update to support the reduction of GNIRS IFU data is in preparation and will be released in the near future.

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GNIRS LR- and HR-IFU released for science use | Gemini Observatory


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