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The GEMMA Podcast

A podcast about Gemini Observatory and its role in the Era of Multi-Messenger Astronomy. Featuring news related to multi-messenger astronomy (MMA), time-domain astronomy (TDA), our visiting instrument program, and more through interviews with astronomers, engineers, and staff both here at Gemini (North and South) and abroad.

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February 15, 2022 Web Feature Journey Through the Universe 2022
February 22, 2021 Web Feature Journey Through the Universe 2021
November 22, 2019 Web Feature Planning for a New Era in Astronomy Communication
October 22, 2019 Web Feature Gemini Helps Map Larger than Expected Structure of Ancient Supercluster
August 22, 2019 Web Feature Revealing the Intimate Lives of MASSIVE Galaxies
August 5, 2019 Web Feature Discovering Patterns in Io's Volcanoes
July 25, 2019 Web Feature Einstein's General Relativity Illustrated by a Single Star
May 29, 2019 Web Feature Is the Mystery of the Dark Matter Deficient Galaxy Resolved?
April 17, 2019 Web Feature Making Good Use of Bad Weather: Finding Metal-poor Stars Through the Clouds
February 6, 2019 Web Feature Bubble Blowing Black Hole Jet’s Impact on Galactic Evolution
December 17, 2018 Web Feature Outer Solar System Object has Astronomers Seeing Double
December 15, 2018 Web Feature Large and Long Program 2019 CfP Released
October 16, 2018 Web Feature Nearby Supernova Sheds Light on Ancient Dust
September 19, 2018 Web Feature GeMS “SERVS” Up Sharp Views of Young Galaxies in Early Universe
August 27, 2018 Web Feature Gemini Confirms the Most Distant Radio Galaxy
July 17, 2018 Web Feature Gemini Confirms Maverick New Moon of Jupiter
July 9, 2018 Web Feature Elusive Intermediate Mass Black Hole Revealed by Cosmic Belch
May 31, 2018 Web Feature Can Exoplanets Form in a Binary Star System?
May 3, 2018 Web Feature Massive Cluster Galaxies Move in Unexpected Ways
February 19, 2018 Web Feature Shining Light on Dim Galactic Neighbors
January 12, 2018 Web Feature Game Over for Supernovae Hide & Seek
December 18, 2017 Web Feature The Birth of Massive Stars Around an Unlikely Galaxy
November 29, 2017 Web Feature Gemini Observations Show Distant Black Hole Pair is “Photobombing” Culprit
September 22, 2017 Web Feature The Galactic Center’s Mysterious Quintuplet Stars Unmasked
September 11, 2017 Web Feature Rocky Planet Engulfment Explains Stellar Odd Couple