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September 20, 2018 Press Release Gemini Observatory to Advance Adaptive Optics and Multi-messenger Astronomy with NSF Award
September 6, 2018 Press Release Dr. Jennifer Lotz Appointed Gemini Observatory Director
August 2, 2018 Press Release Astronomers Blown Away by Historic Stellar Blast
July 24, 2018 Press Release Republic of Korea Becomes a Full Participant in Gemini
May 22, 2018 Press Release Gemini Observatory Cloud Camera Captures Volcano’s Dramatic Glow
April 23, 2018 Press Release What Do Uranus’s Cloud Tops Have in Common With Rotten Eggs?
March 28, 2018 Press Release Dark Matter is a No Show in Ghostly Galaxy
December 6, 2017 Press Release Supermassive Black Hole is Ahead of its Time
November 20, 2017 Press Release First Known Interstellar Visitor is an “Oddball”
November 3, 2017 Press Release Gemini Observatory Confirms Spiral Nature of Extremely Distant Lensed Galaxy
October 16, 2017 Press Release Astronomers Feast on First Light From Gravitational Wave Event
August 17, 2017 Press Release The Little Star That Survived a Supernova
June 30, 2017 Press Release Striking Gemini Images Point Juno Spacecraft Toward Discovery
June 2, 2017 Press Release Gemini Observatory Astronomer Meg Schwamb to be Awarded Sagan Medal
June 2, 2017 Press Release Dr. Laura Ferrarese Appointed Interim Director of Gemini Observatory
April 5, 2017 Press Release OCTOCAM Looks Toward a New Era of Discovery
April 4, 2017 Press Release Planetoid Pairs Reveal a Kinder, Gentler Neptune
January 5, 2017 Press Release Exploring a Fast Radio Burst in Three Dimensions
December 29, 2016 Press Release The Beautiful Messiness of Star Birth
November 9, 2016 Press Release Are All Stars Created Equal?
October 12, 2016 Press Release Cluster’s Advanced Age in Razor-sharp Focus
August 24, 2016 Press Release Gemini Images Galaxy That Is 99.99 Percent Dark Matter
August 1, 2016 Press Release Gemini Tracks Collapse of Io's Atmosphere During Frigid Eclipses
July 18, 2016 Press Release Gemini Observatory Instrumental in Exoplanet Harvest
July 6, 2016 Press Release Exploring a Frozen Extrasolar World