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Data reduction

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To properly reduce the GPI data the user needs to use the GPI Pipeline and download the proper calibrations from the GSA. 

NOTE: To browse what Gemini Users have exchanged about tricks, issues and solutions regarding reduction of GPI data, please go to the DR forum (tag=gpi).

The GPI Pipeline 

The Gemini Planet Imager Data Pipeline allows transformation of raw data from GPI into calibrated spectral and polarimetric data cubes. It also provides some basic capabilities for PSF suppression through differential imaging, and for astrometry and spectrophotometry of detected sources.

The pipeline is currently under heavy development and we suggest that any user download the latest version as described below. The pipeline is IDL based and can be run either in a special IDL session or as a special runtime executable. The 1.4.0 stable version and information is now available from the instrument build team here, the latest version can be found on github