CASCA 2022

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Gemini à la rencontre en ligne de la CASCA 2022.
Gemini at the online CASCA meeting 2022.

The Canadian Gemini Office (CGO), in collaboration with the NOIRLab international Gemini Observatory, are organizing a life support service in parallel to the online AGM 2022 (10-14 May).

L'Office Gemini Canadien (OGC), en collaboration avec l'Observatoire international Gemini de NOIRLab, organisent un service d'aide personalisé reliées avec l'AG 2022 en ligne (10-14 mai).

Live support:

Send your questions to, or for DRAGONS' specific questions. You will be given a connection information for a live session. It can be general questions, or specific ones.

  • Offered during the days of the meeting
  • Priority to registered participants

Aide personnalisée:
Envoyez vos questions à, ou à pour des questions spécialement à propos de DRAGONS. Vous recevrez l'information nécessaire pour vouz connecter à une session en personne. Toutes questions sont les bienvenues, générales ou spécifiques.

  • Service disponible pendant les jours de la réunion
  • La priorité sera données aux participants enregistrés
Demo of the new Gemini Program Platform (GPP)
Thursday 6pm at the Gemini booth
GPP will soon be replacing the Phase1 Tool (PIT) and Observing Tool (OT). It will make your Phase 2 preparations much easier!
Démonstration de la nouvelle Plateforme de Programme à Gemini (GPP en anglais)
Jeudi, 18h au kisque de Gémini
GPP remplacera prochainement les outils PIT (Phase 1 Tool) et OT (Observing Tool). Cela simplifiera énormément la préparasion de vos Phase 2!
Talks mentionning Gemini Présentations orales qui mentionnent Gemini
Stefan Pelletier Session 2A: Planetary and Stellar Properties Titanium cold-trapping, numerous metals and ions, and the first ever unambiguous detection of vanadium oxide revealed on a ultra-hot giant exoplanet
Vicky Kaspi Session 4A: Compact Objects Invited
Daryl Haggard Session 4A: Compact Objects Taking a Closer Look at SMBH Energetics and Variability with Sgr A* and M87
Alex Tetarenko Session 4A: Compact Objects Optical Fast Timing Observations of X-ray Binaries with Gemini's `Alopeke and Zorro
Viraja Khatu Session 4B: AGN & High-energy Astrophysics Probing Structure of Gas Flows in a Highly Accreting Active Galactic Nucleus, Markarian 142
Posters mentionning Gemini Posters qui mentionnent Gemini
Katie Crotts Session 2A: Planetary and Stellar Propertiess A Multi-Wavelength Study of the Highly Asymmetrical Debris Disk Around HD 111520
Megan Tannock Session 2A: Planetary and Stellar Properties IGRINS Spectroscopy of the T6 Dwarf 2MASS J08173001-6155158: Verification of Water, Methane, and Ammonia Line Lists and a Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Atlas of a 1050 K Atmosphere
Joel Roediger Session 3B: Galaxies – Environment and Dynamics Unravelling the History of Dwarf Galaxy Evolution in the Virgo Cluster
Christian Marois Session 5A: New Facilities Deployment of focal plane WFS technologies on 8-m telescopes: from the Subaru SPIDERS pathfinder, to the facility-class GPI 2.0 CAL2 system.
Stephanie Cote Session 6B: Indigeneity, Community and EPO Canadian Gemini News
Dennis Crabtree Session 6B: Indigeneity, Community and EPO A Deep Dive into Gemini Publications
Visit the Gemini booth, and ask us also about: N'hésitez pas à visiter le kiosque Gemini, et de nous poser des questions sur: