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Snowy Mauna Kea Pan

This exterior view of Mauna Kea highlights the Gemini North Observatory which is the largest dome near the center of the image. This image was taken shortly after a significant snowfall in early 1999 before skiers hit the slopes! The 360-degree panoramic image is made from 18 images stitched together using Apple QuickTimeVR technology. This image is part of a QuickTimeVR series that can be accessed on the www at: It is also part of the Gemini Virtual Tour CD.

Star Trails Over Mauna Kea

This classic star trail image was obtained with a digital camera using the technique described in the March, 2004 Sky and Telescope magazine. Over 150 individual one-minute digital images were stacked in Photoshop to create this image. A first-quarter moon illuminated the surrounding landscape for the duration of the exposures.

Timelapse sequence showing daytime clouds and inversion layer with Mauna Kea from Mauna Loa. Transitions into nighttime (moonlit) view showing northern startrails.