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Lasers over Mauna Kea

Time lapse movie featuring the Gemini North laser (part of the Laser Guide Star system) propagating through the sky. The other laser is propagated from the W.M. Keck Observatory. The images from this movie were also used to create a picture of the star trails over Mauna Kea which you can see here.

Mauna Kea Time Lapse Movie

Here is a time lapse movie featuring the Gemini North Observatory. Many other observatories can also be seen as their 'domes' move to capture the night's science data. From left to right: Subaru, Keck (I&II), NASA IRTF, and the CFHT observatories. Overhead in the night sky, the moon illuminates most of the frames of this movie. See if you can spot the seven sisters otherwise known as the Pleiades star cluster setting towards the left, as well as the 'Big Dipper' rising above the Gemini Observatory. You have to look quick to see the meteor streaking by in this one frame.

Gemini goes to Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

In early August, Gemini Observatory in conjunction with the University ofConcepción and the Antropológico Museo P. Sebastian Englert, devoted awhole week to outreach and education in astronomy at the most isolated placeon Earth, Easter Island. You can watch part of this incredible culturalexchange here. Una semana dedicada a la divulgación de la astronomía en el lugar másaislado del mundo fue la tarea que Gemini realizó a principios de agosto enla Isla de Pascua, en conjunto con la Universidad de Concepción y el MuseoAntropológico P. Sebastian Englert.

Laser Guide Star at Gemini North

Here is a time-lapse movie of the Gemini North observatory during a Laser Guide Star (LGS) run, taken from the catwalk around the outside of the UH 2.2 meter telescope. LGS creates an “artificial star” which is used as a reference source for adaptive optics systems on Gemini instruments. Directly behind the Gemini Observatory is the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT).